Marc Stan


"When I'm on the stage in front of the audience I make a connection with the audience, I try to recognize what they want to hear."

That is what has given the international DJ Marc Stan an advantage in that space for well over a decade. Things started to get serious for Marc Stan when he first stepped onto a stage in Paris, France. He spent eight years making a name for himself. With numerous releases throughout those years keeping him working steady, fans flocked out to hear everything from 2013's "Other Side" to 2015's "Turn It Up" and everything in between. In 2016 an invitation to head to the US changed not only his locale but his career path.

It was that year that he received an invitation to perform at the South Beach Fest in Miami, Florida. After slaying crowds that weekend, he decided to make some major moves - literally. Marc Stan chose to continue working on music stateside but later decided to head north to New York where he resides to this day. The decision wasn't hard to make because Marc Stan has always been the type to go after what he wants, and oftentimes achieves what he sets out to do.

With almost six dozen releases to his name, it's not surprising that he's picked up a couple of awards over the years. In 2018 he walked away with the prestigious "Winning The Akademia Music Los Angeles" award for Best Dance/Electronica song for "Boom." The following year he took home another Akademia for the Executive Award. Now he plans on doing the same in 2020 with his latest singles; "Seek and Hide," "Summer Kiss," and "Boom."

Two of his latest singles are perfect not only for the club atmosphere as they provoke movement but also for the universal romantics. "Seek and Hide" is about the importance of listening in a relationship and also being heard, while "Summer Kiss" is about that inevitable summer romance most dream about. Then there is "Boom," a song that is special to Marc Stan. He notes, "I showed my club spirit, which I do not keep when I'm at the club. It does not have a lot of text, but through music, you can feel the energy that every cluber will feel." So in a way, another love song. Only this is an homage to the club scene.

With all the love comes passion and that is not something Marc Stan has ever lacked in his lengthy career. From Paris to the beaches of Miami to New York, he's performed on some of the biggest stages out there and does it all in stride. Next up he'll be at the  Dance festival in late Summer 2019. It's just another performance in which music fans will get the chance to do what so many have done before them, fall for Marc Stan's connection, emotive performance, and last but certainly not least, the impeccable music he creates and brings to life.



Gala and Award eve 2019 Los Angeles Akademia Executive Award


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